Logos 7 Review: Sermon Preparation Gone Mobile, Efficient, & Deep(er)

logos 7I am a big fan of the Logos platform.  I’ve had Logos 6 for over a year now, and found it a helpful tool in the preacher/teacher/writer’s toolbox.  As someone who is appreciative of the Church Mothers and Fathers, I especially enjoy being able to quickly and easily access what ancient and Reformation writers said about a particular text or topic.  More than anything else, I’ve used Logos for sermon preparation.  (If you have never heard of Logos, here is a good overview.)

Enter Logos 7 – a dream of a resource for preachers.

Here are three reasons I am a huge fan of this study platform:

  1. Mobile

My office is wherever I am with my MacBook.  I often like to do work – and in particular to do sermon preparation – at places like Starbucks or Barnes & Noble.  I’m not sure why, but I find I get a great deal done in these public environments.  The problem, of course, is that I can’t carry my library with me wherever I go.  Yes, I can and have taken two or three giant commentaries with me to the coffee shop, but this is cumbersome and somewhat embarrassing.  Besides which, it requires more forethought than my schedule often allows.  With Logos 7, all I need is my laptop to have access to more resources than I could wish for wherever I am.

2. Efficient

Logos saves me time.  Instead of looking up my text in three different Bibles, I can just use the Text Comparison tool and look at them side-by-side.  I don’t have to find the right page in the lexicon because I only have to put my cursor over the word and I have all that information at the click of the mouse.  The new concordance feature makes it easier than it has ever (and I mean that literally) to look up multiple uses of a word across the canon.  In the midst of your research, it is even simple to look up media images to go with particular texts and themes that can go right into our presentation Sunday morning.

3. Deep(er)

There is more to Logos 7 than you would guess (just like there was more to Logos 6 when I first go it than I ever imagined).  The interactive study tools are amazing, particularly in how it enables the user to explore the biblical world.  I was dumbfounded, and even a little embarrassed, when recently using Logos 7 to research a sermon on Psalm 8.  I consider myself a pretty close student of John Wesley, and yet there on the sidebar alongside a variety of other folks who commented on or quoted Psalm 8 were TWO sermons by Wesley I’d never before read.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how deep you can go with Logos 7, especially when you consider the cost of a good package is comparable to just one commentary set.


Click here to check out the newly released Logos 7 packages and you’ll get a FREE resource with your purchase – you (and those to whom you preach and teach) will be glad you did!

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