WesleyCast 22 – Lost

I loved Lost. It was can’t miss TV. One church that I was at would end early on Wednesday nights just so everyone could go home and watch Lost. As the series progressed the viewers got to really explore what it means to be lost. Lost wasn’t just a physical location, but also an emotional state. It is a state of being in a far away place and not knowing how to find our way back home.

In a lot of ways The United Methodist Church is Lost. We are stuck. On WesleyCast 22, we explore how we got here and how do we live in the framework of being lost.

In this Episode of the WesleyCast we talk about the question from that famous TV show, Lost.

“Where are we?”

How did we get here? Where is here? What are we doing here? and What is our best posture for being here?

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